Our Mission

The Minutemen Colonial Athletic Club, Inc. is a not for profit athletic organization offering training and participation in competitive sports combined with recognition for academic achievement. We started our organization in 2000. We currently field teams in Boys and Girls basketball and volleyball. Our mission is to provide for the development of student athletes in a structured, disciplined and fun environment.

Our student athletes range from the 4th grade through 12th grade in high school and keep their eye on the ball both academically and athletically. The rules of our game are simple: we want our players to achieve both on the courts and fields and in the classroom, while enjoying and being rewarded for both experiences. We also mandate community service so that our student athletes understand the importance of giving back to the community.

Academic recognition is achieved by our awarding of Academic Athlete Awards to our players who meet the academic standards established by our Board. We also have an academic scholarship program for our graduating high school seniors who qualify.

We provide academic guidance and access to tutoring to address specific high school student needs. The concept is to have the student develop their potential and strive to be the best that he can be.

Athletic recognition is demonstrated by our teams and individual players' success on the court and field where our clubs have qualified for regional and national tournaments and players have received recognition for their individual accomplishments, including college athletic and academic recruitment.

Our coaching staff is among the most experienced in the area and includes former college coaches and high school coaches as well as individuals who are long standing coaches and administrators of athletic programs serving young athletes throughout the Westchester area. They are all tremendous role models for our student athletes both on and off the court.We also have guest lecturers from the NBA including both current coaches and former players as well as longstanding collegiate coaches. See the Coaches section of this website for more information.

All high school players are eligible for consideration. The bestowing of this honor is made as a public record and players who have earned this distinction can utilize this as a part of their educational curriculum vitae for submission as a part of their college application process. Our Award winners have been officially recognized by their high schools and noted on their academic records!

Players who have earned this honor will be eligible to be considered for the academic college scholarship program.

The Minutemen are a registered Amateur Athletic Union club.