Educational Endorsements

Educators and Coaches Comments


“The record says a lot about Steve. He coached for all the right reasons. Loyalty to school. Commitment to the educational value of athletics. Interest in influencing young people… he will take the experience of positively influencing hundreds of student athletes to guide others in making the right decisions on and off the court.”

Tim Cohane Head Coach at University of Buffalo, Dartmouth, Kings Point & Manhattanville

“It’s hard for me to imagine anyone in the New York City area who knows more about amateur basketball. He is one of this rare people who manages a distinguished professional life (serving as a wonderful role model!) all while committing amazing time and energy to his passion of coaching.”

Tom Weingartner, Athletic Director, University of Chicago

“A former player and current Division I coach sums up our philosophy about being a true teammate:”If not for the sake of others, why would we be here? Be a great teammate!”

Tim Maloney, Associate Head Men’s Basketball Coach, University of Massachusetts

“Steve’s uniqueness is having coached and observed and administered with top coaches in colleges, summer camps and youth leagues…What an appropriate skill set for giving the Minutemen game.”

Joel Daunic, Former Athletic Director Manhattanville